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Acceptance 100% Polyester PUL FLAWED 1 yard

$ 15.00

Custom printed

Flaws are the background color is a bright red, in turn it makes the "H" logo unreadable. The repeat crests do not line up. This occurs about every 12 inches both horizontally and vertically. 

There are images below of the proper printed knit fabric to compare the flaws.

 Anything over 57" wide will be considered part of the selvage.  Please keep in mind that there may be minor printing flaws present on the fabric due to the nature of how it is printed. Any flaws will be disclosed and options will be provided at that time, should you be unhappy with the flaws noted. We are not responsible for insignificant flaws, dye transfer or bleeding during washing, damage during shipment, or fabric shipped to an incorrect address. Fabric will only be shipped to the address in selected when checking out.